Your Sample CBD Info Page

Now you’ve received your CBD samples, you’re probably wondering to yourself ‘what am I supposed to do with these?’

On this page you’ll find information & resources related to best use of the CBD from CIITECH Ltd

At the end of the page, we’ve included a feedback form.  Since this our first live production run we’re not only interested in hearing your feedback, we need your opinions to help us improve with every batch we produce.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Each sample bottle has a generic label.  The sample type is marked on the side of the label.  The white cap bottle without marking is our NEW Massage Oil…(see below for more info)

ANOTHER IMPORTANT NOTE:  We grew up with Mary Poppins, we don’t believe medicine should be tasty.  It should be tolerable but not tasty enough to lead to over-dosing.  A spoonful of sugar…

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  1. Directions for use:
    • SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE.  CBD naturally dissolves well into hemp seed oil, however give it a good shake just to be sure.
    • We chose a mouth spray applicator opposed to a pipette dropper for reasons of convenience (avoids spillage) and accuracy (1 spray is easier to measure than droplets)
    • Use our ProVacan CBD Oil for any one of hundreds of reasons.   CBD is CBD, the important considerations are; how best to get it to the area of the body that needs help and the amount / dosage you need to take to see effects.
    •  Our CBD is suspended in a high quality food grade Hemp seed oil which means you also get the amazing benefits of essential fatty acids, omega 6 and omega 3 alongside the CBD extract.
  2. Suggested Use:
    • Spray under the tongue and hold for minimum 20 seconds, some say more, others less.  Either way, spray under your tongue and leave as long as possible to let it absorb into the bloodstream quickly and efficiently.
    • We recommend starting with 1 spray and increasing as needed.

CBD Balm

  1. Directions for use:
    • Our ProVacan CBD Balm is an effective soothing and healing balm for hundreds of skin conditions.  the 1% concentration means each application is both effective and mild.
    • Our CBD Balm is made from pure Hemp extract and carefully blended with coconut oil, natural hemp terpenes and a range of skin nutrients and natural ingredients.
    • Whilst there is nothing in the product that stains, we do recommend to avoid contact with clothing.
  2. Suggested Use:
    • Apply a small amount (grain of rice) to the affected skin area.  Rub in until absorbes and leave exposed to the natural air.
    • It is safe to reapply ProVacan CBD Balm multiple times a day.
    • Whilst there is nothing to cause irritation, we recommend caution when using balm on open wounds.

CBD Massage Oil

  1. Directions for use :
    • This is a new product still under development.  We have tested upon ourselves and not only loved it, but found great relief both as a muscle rub, skin hydrator and it smells so good most of us at CIITECH use it as a simple mentholated vapor to awaken and stimulate our minds during the day.
    • ProVacan Massage Oil contains not only CBD, also Curcumin which has become known as a strong anti-inflammatory and a very strong antioxidant.  Many sportspeople use Curcumin as a massage rub.
    • Our massage oil uses Hemp Seed Oil as a base meaning you won’t suffer if you ingest it (though we don’t recommend that use).
    • We’ve also formulated with a range of essential oils such as eucalyptus know for its decongestant qualities.
  2. Suggested Use:
    • SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE.  CBD naturally dissolves well into hemp seed oil, however give it a good shake just to be sure.
    • Place a few drops in your hand and massage into the skin.  Repeat as needed.
    • WARNING.  This product contains small amounts of Curcumin (Tumeric extract).  Known for it’s strong yellow color (think curry).  We recommend to avoid contact with clothing.


HerTime  :  HisTime  :  CalmTime  :  NightTime  :  MindTime

  1. Directions for use :
    • ALWAYS SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE.  Herbalica herbal remedies contain a stunning blend of up to 10 botanical extracts, plus CBD.  Sometimes separation can occurs which is normal, give it a shake and you’re good to go.
    • For more detailed information on all plant extracts for each product click the product link above and scroll down to the ‘ingredients’ section.
    • Herbalica products are an alcohol based tincture.  Whilst quantities are small and safe we recommend caution when operating heavy machinery, or cars.
  2. Suggested Use:
    • We suggest starting with 2-3 drops either under the tongue for fast absorption, or mixed into a drink or yogurt.
    • Increase quantity as required.
    • No more than 8 drops per dose, no more than 3 doses per day.


We need and value your input to allow us the opportunity to constantly improve our products, packaging and range.

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